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The following are from the incredible story of Tom Lightwater

I was infected with HIV through a forced infection in 1991. I tested positive for the HIV antibody November 18, 1991; of course, the same day as my birthday. From that day forward, my life became something totally beyond anything I could have expected. I experienced hatred, discrimination, fear, and pathetic examples of false sympathy from other people to compassion, assistance, caring, real help, love and friendship. I've held friends in my arms in the moment of their death...

The AZT, D4T, and Ritonovir left me on a couch for a month. Tim had to pick me up and carry me to the bathroom plenty of times. I can't tell you how miserable I was, but of course, I "stuck with it." I stuck with it to the point where my body got so toxified from both the drugs and the sheer mass of dead viral material that my immune system actually got suppressed even further. Then, guess what? VIA the tap water I was infected with MAC, and almost died... again.

MAC is right up there with Legionnare's Disease, TB, and leprosy. Treatment is to use three atomic bomb antibiotics simultaneously until the virus develops resistance to the antibiotics or the body becomes intolerant to treatment. Both happened shortly after the treatment began. The 106 degree fevers began to return, the intense body pain, the harsh, long-lasting chills... again, I began to make my own immediate funeral arrangements...and then this voice popped into my head and told me to get the hell on colloidal silver RIGHT NOW! Sure enough, within a week I had begun to gain the weight I had lost back, and in two weeks, I had gone back to mountain climbing! Wow....

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  • Submitted by Chris Gist ( on Tuesday, April 28, 1998: 


    We have had a lot of good results from the use of Watersil (Colloidal Silver).  We have a family of 6 and find many uses.  Spraying it on acne has yielded great results in our teenagers.  We take it when we have a sore throat or flu feelings and the ailment runs it's course quickly.  We've used it on athlete's foot with success, as well as burns and sunburns. A young friend of ours was always sick and taking antibiotics, she takes an ounce of silver everyday, and has not been sick in 4 months.



    Submitted by J.T. Smith ( on Wednesday, June 24, 1998  


    A 70+ yr old friend was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis was on crutches, barely able to get around, almost bed ridden. He started taking colloidal silver and a few weeks later was almost totally recovered; threw away his crutches, was prancing around like a young colt, was even talking about his girl friend. a few weeks later, I was talking to an RN and asked her if she knew anything about colloidal silver. She thought a minute and said, "Isn't that what they treat rheumatoid arthritis with?" 

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