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Jack Brooks writes:


I tried your Colloidal Silver Generator out to make colloidal for my horses thrush. After a very rainy year, some of my horses developed thrush and I used the colloidal silver on my horses hooves and it cured the thrush immediately. I also give them a dose every so often to keep down infections and prevent worms. This is a very inexpensive way to treat livestock. I am looking forward to seeing your new high volume generators, thanks.


Sincerely, Jack Brooks

Robert B. Harlow writes: 


   Thank you for the quick response concerning my order.  I have been using colloidal silver for the treatment of athlete's foot on myself for some time, as it is a chronic problem for me.  Colloidal silver disposes of the problem faster than anything I have tried before.  Until my feet get wet for a few hours.  We have been purchasing it from Wal-Mart for about $16.00/4 oz. bottle. 

My wife and I are "Animal people", and have a lot of animals.  We have been treating their wounds etc. with the silver, with very good results.  Our next test for the product (reason for buying the generator) is that during the rainy season here, our horses (3 of 5) have a chronic problem with "Thrush".  This is the equine version of athlete's foot, and the treatment of this with silver at $16.00/ bottle is prohibitive.  This stuff works great.

Yours,  Robert B. Harlow  (Bruce)"  

Submitted by Chris Gist ( on Tuesday, April 28, 1998: 

We have had a lot of good results from the use of Colloidal Silver.  We have a family of 6 and find many uses.  Spraying it on acne has yielded great results in our teenagers.  We take it when we have a sore throat or flu feelings and the ailment runs it's course quickly.  We've used it on athlete's foot with success, as well as burns and sunburns. A young friend of ours was always sick and taking [Image] antibiotics, she takes an ounce of silver everyday, and has not been sick in 4 months. 

Submitted by <> on Sun, 26 Apr 1998: 


I ordered your $149.95 Robey Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator about 1 April - since then: 

1. I have arrested my itchy scalp condition which had even spread to my eyebrows - also it has arrested my psoriasis (mild condition) whether or not cured remains to be seen. 

2. It has arrested and put into remission a couple of warts

3. It has arrested and is in process of healing my grandson's athletes foot

4. It has cured, overnight, my wife's cracked lips (corners of mouth). 

5. It has cured a couple of stubborn spots on my 69 year old brothers arms. 

6. It has cured SKIN CANCER on my sons father in law. He has (or had) to have it burned off every month or so and he was able to cancel his last appointment for this due to this colloidal silver. 

7. It has arrested and put into remission several warty like conditions of raised skin lesions which were itchy .

These were not warts but thats about the best condition I can explain. 

8. My sons mother-in-law is using it to treat her arthritis. She believes it may be helping as it did get better after starting but she can't be sure thats what caused it to get better. 

In other words - THIS IS GREAT STUFF 


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