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What is Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is simply water that has been charged with a positive electrical charge using silver electrodes that produces silver in minute suspension. This suspended state can be used by the body to effectively destroy a large number of bacteria, fungus, yeast, viri, pathogens, fighting illness and promoting the immune system with no side effects. It is also effective for external use on topical conditions such as skin cancer, nail fungus, athlete's foot, psoriasis, warts, etc. It can even be used as a germicide and fungicide on a multitude of household cleaning uses, thereby avoiding harsh and dangerous chemicals in your home. Colloidal Silver works on hundreds of germs and unlike antibiotics does not build a resistance to these germs. Silver has been used for hundreds of years to purify water, stop spoilage, and for illness instead of antibiotics. Silverware was the standard for plates and eating utensils not too long ago. Silver was well known to help keep food safe before the days of refrigeration.


Can Colloidal Silver be used as a Antibiotic?
Antibiotic-resistant germs are now considered epidemic in the United States, accounting for a growing number of serious infectious disorders. While most antibiotics disinfect about a half dozen or so germs, silver has been reported to disinfect hundreds. Most importantly, unlike conventional antibiotics, germs cannot build a resistance to the action of silver. A properly prepared colloid of silver is a special liquid preparation of this trace mineral that is extremely safe to use, even with children and pets, without many of the negative side effects of prescription antibiotics.

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