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From: Sandi Knabenbauer, (


One Saturday morning I woke up with a horrible rash on my back. By the following

Wednesday there was no improvement and tiny blisters were forming so I went to the

doctor and was diagnosed with shingles.


Dissatisfied with his recommended treatment, I went to a newly opened nutrition

center and was very pleased with the knowledge of the "clerk". He suggested

Colloidal Silver as both an internal and external treatment.


Before and after work I mixed the CS with 99% Aloe Vera Gel and plastered it on the

sores. It relieved the pain and the itching as long as it was damp. I would apply two,

maybe three, coats morning and night as time allowed. I also consumed one

teaspoon three to four times per day after holding it under my tongue for one minute.

This allowed the CS to be absorbed into my blood stream and move quickly to the

infected site. I also took L-Lycine and a high potency vitamin to boost my immune

system during treatment.


Within two days the blisters were scabbed over and the welts were 80% diminished.

That was two weeks ago and although I still have faint red spots on the site of the

outbreak the pain and most of the itching are gone. I am sure it was largely

responsible for the quickened healing of my shingles.


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