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Sore Throat


Submitted by Lynn Jones (


I had suffered with a severe strap throat and cold last spring for more than two

weeks. My sister, Mother and I went on a trip to Calgary. On the trip which lasted 2

days, she got me to take colloidal silver. The problems were gone almost

immediately. I was amazed.

Submitted by Scott Parker (


I was suffering with the worst infection in my throat I have ever had. I was taking olive

leaf extract and it helped, but the infection kept getting worse. I went to our local

health food store and bought a bottle of 0.5 fluid ounce InVision International silver

with a strength of 100ppm. I used 12 drops directly into my mouth and within 20 to

30 minutes I felt the difference. I was amazed how fast it attacked the infection and

destroyed it. I am well now and I will continue to take the colloidal silver, it really does


Will Thompson <> writes:


"Had a throat problem for 6 mo doc could not do any thing. I started taking Colloidal

Silver in 2 wks I was well."


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