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A few more Testimonials from enthusiastic users

of our Colloidal Silver Generators



From: Jacob, (


I had developed a canker sore and the dentist said I could do nothing about it and

that it would go away in 2 weeks. I swished cs in my mouth three times a day and

within 3 days it was completely gone.




From: John, (


I purchased a Robey Deluxe generator about a year ago and I am happy to report

some very good results. After 15 years suffering nail fungus and trying everything on

it, the 80 ppm silver has it almost cleared up. I use a sprayer attached to a peroxide

bottle two or three times a day. Nails take about a year to fully grow out, so it takes

patience and determination. I was afraid to use the Lamisil the doctor prescribed for

fungus, as a possible side affect is kidney damage. I have also used it topically on

cuts bruises and infections. I swallow about a teaspoon of 20 ppm a day and never

have a sick day. I use a couple of drops of 10 ppm in my eyes with an eye dropper

when they are burning, and a saturated swab inside my ear canals when they are

itching. As an after shave treatment I pat on 40 ppm, this also works for me on itchy

scalp. I was a little reluctant at first until I saw it work for myself under a microscope. I

placed a culture of algae on the glass and watched the little animals wiggling. Then I

used an eye dropper and added a few drops of 40 ppm silver to the culture, in less

then ten minutes all movement stopped. I am very happy with the results.




Submitted by Victor Thomas (


A few weeks ago while doing dishes. I wasn't paying attention and shoved my hand

in the sink full of suds to grab a cup and gashed my index finger with a very sharp

knife. The wound was very deep and close to my bone. The knife was dirty and had

been used to cut up raw meat. The situation screamed infection. I made a batch of

80 ppm c.s. and soaked my finger in it for about 10 - 15 minutes then I bandaged it.

I changed the bandage three times in 2 days and by the third day the wound was

almost fully healed. When ever I changed the bandage I would soak my finger in 80

ppm c.s. I had no pain and absolutely no swelling. Normally cut that severe on me

usually takes a couple of weeks to heal properly. This cut healed in 3 days, I was

amazed at the recovery speed.






Laurence Chisholm <> writes:


"We received a deluxe colloidal silver generator, which has been busy ever since

arriving... Some great success in one week - An elderly gentleman has a problem

with his scalp after a deep cut from a garage door some months ago the cut has

never really healed well then the doctors thought he had cancer in that area so they

gave him radiation treatment and special creams the cut actually got larger, then

another hole appeared, more radiation treatment, still no good.

As soon as the colloidal silver generator arrived we made up a 80 PPM solution with

distilled water and he has been daily soaking the area of his head with it, now after

one week he went back for his check ups and the doctor was so impressed that he

said that he would not have to come back if it continues like it is. This is fantastic, he

is now taking a solution of 10 PPM internally. "




Submitted by J Durbin (


On January 29th, 1998 my 9 year old daughter was attacked by a large chocolate

Labrador. She received several contusions, scrapes, and one bite on her right arm.

The site of penetration was over 1.5 inches in length. It was severe enough to

remove fat cells from my daughter's arm. Within minutes I applied 5 ppm colloidal


I took my daughter to an emergency room where the doctor injected lidocaine,

applied betadine, and stitched the wound closed. The doctor prescribed keflex, 500

mg. Instead of having the prescription filled, I doubled my daughter's regular dosage

of colloidal silver. She has had no signs of infection thus far. I applied myrrh oil 3

days after the bite to help regenerate new skin cells faster.

By the next evening, I had to remove 1 stitch at one end of the wound because the

new skin was trying to "swallow" that particular stitch. My daughter will be seen by our

family doctor this Friday to have the rest of her sutures removed. The only reason I

am leaving them in is so that he will have to remove them and see for himself that

keflex was not necessary with the use of colloidal silver. (I have also used colloidal

silver to heal wounds on my cat with amazing and fast success).


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