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Submitted by Ali Seeton (


My son has various small patches of psoriasis on his extremities. We have been using colloidal silver topically quite regularly once a day & internally with a little less frequency for two weeks & have noticed the patches have gotten smaller & paler. It is easy to take so encourages its use.

Submitted by <>

I ordered a Robey Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator about 1 April - since then:


1. I have arrested my itchy scalp condition which had even spread to my eyebrows - also it

has arrested my psoriasis (mild condition) . whether or not cured remains to be seen.

2. it has arrested and put into remission a couple of warts.

3. it has arrested and is in process of healing my grandson's athletes foot.

4. it has cured, overnight, my wife's cracked lips (corners of mouth).

5. it has cured a couple of stubborn spots on my 69 year old brothers arms.

6. it has cured SKIN CANCER on my sons father in law. He has (or had) to have it burned off every month or so and he was able to cancel his last appointment for this due to this colloidal silver.

7. it has arrested and put into remission several warty like conditions of raised skin lesions which were itchy . These were not warts but thetas about the best condition I can explain.

8. My sons mother in law is using it to treat her arthritis. She believes it may be helping as it did get better after starting but she can't be sure thetas what caused it to get better.


In other words - THIS IS GREAT STUFF


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