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Eye Infections

" About 3 weeks ago my daughter started to get a lot of sleep in her right eye.  It was so bad,  you could wash her eye, and within five minutes it was closed up with the goop again.  This went on for about a week.  Finally I started to put colloidal Silver on her at every diaper change. And with in one day the infection was gone.  

  When she was 2 months the infection started again.  But this time I applied colloidal silver on her right away. I only needed to apply it a few times and the infection was gone.   She is now 4 1/2 and she has not had an infection since."    

Jim Rogers writes: 


  "We take a tablespoon of colloidal silver daily (family of six) and make batches for several friends.  We have found it especially beneficial for external infections: infected bug bites, scrapes, cuts, etc.  

  We successfully treated 2 cases of pinkeye by dripping it into the eyes.  Applying the silver to the dressing works great.  Also, for the first time in 9 years, none of our kids got seriously sick during the winter.   

  We recently started treating our pool water with silver and copper ions instead of chlorine.  Although not a true colloid, the principle is the same.  Of course we cannot get sufficient quantity from a generator, nor does a pool require such a pure solution." 

T.M. from South Dakota writes: 

"My nephew started coming down with pinkeye and his eyes were getting matted and draining. That evening he rinsed his eyes with colloidal silver water. The next morning he rinsed them again with the colloidal silver and the pinkeye was completely cleared up!!"   


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