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Ear & Sinus Infections



Submitted by Neta Warawa ( on Tue, 29 Dec 1998  


I am a Country Gospel Singer. For about a year I had been having trouble with my ears feeling plugged and it affected my singing badly. In July we had our Northwest Regional Country Gospel Music Conference here in Omak, Washington. I was scheduled to sing, but before the Conference I made an appointment at the music studio to work on my album. I sounded tone deaf on the recording and I cried for a couple of days. Billy Hale, the President of CGMA recommended Colloidal Silver, and Cathy Clark, a fellow songwriter shared her stash with me. It helped me enough that I got through the Regional Conference and even won an award. But since the conference I have continued on the silver, buying a generator from you. I took therapeutic doses for some time--one ounce twice a day. My ears have cleared up completely and I am even off of Azmacort, an inhaler for Asthma that I had been on for several years now. Now, in conjunction with the silver I used Osha Root, which is an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory when I felt the need, but I stayed on the silver consistently. I am now taking singing lessons and the teacher says I have a nice voice. She is trying to develop my "head voice" which is my higher range. I had always avoided it because of the pain in my ears that ensued with the vibration required to sing in the "head voice." I thank God for discovering Colloidal Silver. I feel it greatly helped to restore my hearing which did wonders for my voice.  



John  <>  writes:     


"Hi Robey,   


  I have had ear infections and sinus infection for some 70 years, and no doctoring or antibiotics has cured them. I have been on colloidal silver since this last July and I guess I am getting some relief. Whenever I feel a slight cold coming on, it does not appear  to last a day or so, not so before colloidal silver. I used to have quite a time with each bout. more later ..."  


  "I wrote some before, but now I got my hands on your good old Colloidal Silver Generator. I filled all the old Kaire, Int colored bottles, and electropure bottles I paid $27 for a 4oz bottle, and $25 for a 4 oz, and $60 for a 12 oz. So if I can make 200 gals for $140, how much good am I doing for my pocket book?  How many 4 oz bottles can I get out of 200 gals? WOW it boggles my mind, more later, I am the guy,73 yrs old, that the doctors gave up on my sinus infection and inner ear infection, saying they used all the antibiotics that were available, and I believe it, I helped Medicare go a little further in debt, more later."    

Submitted by Linda M. Alexander ( on

April 16, 1998:  


  I have had many wonderful experiences with colloidal silver and the Robey generator.  Here are just a few.  My entire family has each had the silver stop colds and various infections before they even got started...    

  My secretary's boyfriend had experienced a chronic sinus infection, which could not be helped by any doctor with any drug for nearly one year.  I sent her home with some silver, and within a few days his infection was completely gone, and has not returned.  The same secretary had a very serious ear infection, causing a great deal of pain.  I gave her some silver, which she sprayed in her ear every 30min or so, throughout the night, and by morning was pain free.  Within a few days it was gone completely...  

  I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea that I am totally sold on colloidal silver and the Robey generator.  I honestly believe that no household should be without one, and that it is the most useful yet harmless wellness apparatus available today.     


Submitted by (Chelli) on Tue, 3 Feb 1998:   


I am anxious to order a generator as soon as possible.  I had to quit taking colloidal silver at $30/bottle and look forward to having it in the house again.   

It helped with the winter colds and sinus infections!!!!!   

Thank you for making it available, and I look forward to hearing from you.   


        Anthony Mader   



Submitted by Guy Stryker (GuyS7955@AOL.Com) on March 16, 1998:  


My wife and I have found Colloidal Silver to be the absolute best treatment for Sinus Infections. Living in the South as we do, we are constantly exposed to many allergens. This has a tendency to cause frequent sinus infections. We used to have a doctor prescribe antibiotics, until I had a severe reaction to one prescription.   

Now we only use Colloidal Silver, 400 PPM, one half teaspoon once a day in 8 ounces of distilled water. Usually the infection is gone within three days. With the antibiotics it took at least 7 days, and sometimes longer.  


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